Nov 5



Awesome Pokemon pumpkin carving skills.

crazy nostalgia factor watching Pokemon: The Origin. The story follows Red with season 1 pokemon but from the video game’s perspective, mad legit. If you have time check it out ‘^’ it really brings you back. 


Sep 6

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monobear gets it

humanity has fallen lol

a body has been discovered lol

your favorite character died lol

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bought DIvekick, it’s actually hilariously entertaining.

I’ve recently gotten a lot of self motivation to change huge habits and it was all because of small goals I set for myself with an overall goal to stick to a paleo diet. This is somehow working for me, just setting small goals and I’m not quite sure why. 

I might be crazy, but I think it’s a lot like RPG games. Eventually in these types of games you have to do some tedious long grind on, say, slimes and you spends hours just killing the same fucken thing over and over. Why though? There’s some goal in mind. May it be the rare drop, completing that next quest, or getting to that next level. The small goals are what drove gamers to do hours of tedious nonsense, which slowly pushes towards the long term goal of that next skill/weapon, Job Advancement or max level cap. 

More or less this is what continues to motivate me, reaching each short term goal drives me to go to the next and hopefully brings me to my (undisclosed) long term goal.

This trip to Boston has changed me so much. Everyone’s (mostly Clayton’s friends that I’ve absorbed as my own huehue) attitude is so positive; I fucking love the atmosphere and dynamic between everyone, god. I have no idea who the fuck Jim Rohn is, but a good quote he has is: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. Their positivity’s definitely rubbed off on me, and makes me look at my old self and question what the hell I was doing.

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Hey, MyPlate: This is MY plate.
(By popular demand, we’ve got this design on a T-shirt!)



Hey, MyPlate: This is MY plate.

(By popular demand, we’ve got this design on a T-shirt!)


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